๐Ÿ’ฐCustom Buy Alert Bot


Custom BuyBot is an AI-driven notification service tailored for cryptocurrency trading platforms. It offers real-time alerts on purchase transactions, enhancing user engagement and providing valuable insights into market activity.


  • Notification System: Alerts users when a transaction occurs, detailing the amount and pertinent transaction information.

  • GIF Library: A dynamic collection of AI-generated GIFs that correlate with the message and the transaction amount.

  • AI-Generated Messages: Personalized welcome messages for new holders and commentary on transaction sizes.

  • Emoji Integration: Uses various emojis to represent different data points such as dollar amounts, asset types, buyer details, new holders, price, market cap, and total market cap.

Configuration Instructions

Minimum Amount Notification

  • Command: /minamount

  • Description: Sets the minimum transaction amount required to trigger a notification.

Pair Tracking

  • Command: /addpair

  • Description: Adds a new trading pair to the bot's monitoring list.

Notification Toggle

  • Command: /buynotify on or /buynotify off

  • Description: Turns purchase notifications on or off for a specific trading pair.


The service fee for using Custom BuyBot is set at 1E. This cost is subject to change based on the service usage and features required.

Support and Contact

For assistance or inquiries regarding the Custom BuyBot, contact the support team:

Please ensure all communication regarding support or configuration is directed through the official channels provided above.

Final Notes

Custom BuyBot is designed to be a robust tool for crypto traders and enthusiasts. With its AI-driven capabilities, it serves as an innovative way to stay informed on market movements and asset acquisitions. The bot's real-time notifications and engaging features like AI-generated messages and GIFs aim to create an interactive and informative experience for its users.

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