Token Information

Token Name: PAAL AI
Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
Taxes: 4% - buys & sell
  • 1% — Marketing and User Acquisition: A more focused approach combining marketing efforts with strategies specifically aimed at acquiring new users, thus enhancing community growth and engagement.
  • 1% — Development Lab: Beyond mere development, this fund is dedicated to innovation, supporting research and development of new features, and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.
  • 1% — Team: This allocation ensures that we can attract, retain, and adequately compensate top talent, essential for our long-term success.
  • 1% — Ecosystem: This is a multi-faceted allocation that includes:
a.)RevShare: Continuing our commitment to sharing success with our community.
b.) Buybacks: Tokens bought back are now directly funneled into staking pools, bolstering the staking rewards and overall token value.