Getting Started with PaalX

Accessing the Platform

Embark on your trading adventure with PaalX by navigating to the platform's website. Here's how to get started:

  1. Visit the PaalX Website: Open your web browser and go to https://x.paal.ai/. This is your gateway to a comprehensive suite of trading tools.

  2. Connect Your Wallet: Upon arrival, connect your wallet using the secure and convenient WalletConnect feature to seamlessly integrate your cryptocurrency holdings with PaalX.

  3. Bookmark for Convenience: Don't forget to bookmark the link for quick access to PaalX, ensuring that your trading dashboard is just a click away whenever you need it.

Using PaalX on Telegram

For users on the go, PaalX extends its services to Telegram, enabling access through a simple bot command:

  1. Find PaalX Bot: Open the Telegram app and search for @mypaalbot.

  2. Summon PaalX: Type and send the /paalx command to engage with the PaalX platform directly within Telegram.

Connect Your Wallet

Seamlessly Integrate Your Wallet with PaalX

The first step to trading on PaalX is connecting your cryptocurrency wallet. Our platform supports a diverse range of wallets to ensure that you can start trading with ease.

Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting Your Wallet:

  1. Access WalletConnect

    • On the PaalX platform, select the 'WalletConnect' option to initiate the wallet connection process.

  2. Choose Your Device Type

    • Select 'Mobile' or 'Desktop' to connect with the wallet that suits your device.

  3. Scan the QR Code

    • If using a mobile wallet, scan the QR code displayed on the screen with your wallet app to establish a secure connection.

  4. Select Your Wallet Service

    • For desktop users, choose your preferred wallet service from the list of supported wallets such as Zerion, Ledger Live, Unstoppable Wallet, and more. Click on 'View All' to see the full list of compatible wallets.

  5. Complete Authentication

    • Follow the prompts provided by your chosen wallet service to authenticate and securely link your wallet to PaalX.

Supported Wallets:

PaalX's support for a wide range of wallets ensures that you have the flexibility to trade using the service that you trust and prefer. This feature is powered by industry-leading infrastructure, backed by Google Cloud, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Security Note:

Your security is our priority. PaalX does not store your private keys or wallet information. All connections and transactions are secured using state-of-the-art encryption and authentication protocols.

Home Page Overview

Navigating the Heart of PaalX

The home page is your central hub for monitoring and managing your cryptocurrency portfolio. With a user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly track your assets, perform transactions, and access a variety of trading tools.

Home Page Features:

  1. Portfolio Overview

    • The top section of the home page displays your current balance and its change percentage over various time frames (24h, 1W, 1M, 2M, 7M, 1Y), allowing you to get a snapshot of your portfolio's performance.

  2. Wallet Functionality

    • Receive: Tap on this to display your wallet address or QR code, making it easy to receive assets from others.

    • Send: Use this option to transfer assets to another wallet. It provides a secure way to manage outgoing transactions.

    • Swap (Redirects to Swap Page): Contrary to a direct swap function, this button redirects you to the dedicated swap page for comprehensive trading actions.

  3. Token Management

    • Below the wallet functionality, you have a dedicated section to manage your tokens. Here you can:

      • Search Tokens: Quickly find any token in your portfolio using the search bar.

      • Add New Tokens: Import new tokens into your portfolio with the 'New' button.

      • Sort by Total: Organize your portfolio based on the total balance of each token.

      • Sort by P/L: Sort your tokens based on their Profit/Loss to track your investment performance.

      • Sort by Price: View your tokens ordered by their current market price.

  4. Activity Log

    • The activity section records all your transactions, swaps, and trades, keeping you updated on recent operations.

Navigation Icons:

  • Home: Return to the dashboard at any point with one click.

  • Swap: Navigate to the dedicated swap page to conduct token exchanges.

  • Explore: Discover new tokens, trends, and opportunities in the crypto space.

  • Settings: Customize your PaalX experience and manage account settings.

Note on Swap Functionality:

  • The swap icon on the home page serves as a quick navigation tool, leading you to a specialized swap page where you can engage in token exchanges with greater detail and options.

Swap Feature on PaalX

Simplified Token Exchange with Real-time Insights

The swap page on PaalX is tailored to facilitate a smooth and intuitive token exchange process. It is designed to help users easily convert one type of cryptocurrency into another directly within the platform, with real-time data and analytics to inform each swap decision.

Swap Page Functionalities:

  1. Currency Selection

    • Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to swap from and to with dropdown menus. Your current balance for each currency is displayed, with an option to use the maximum available balance for the swap.

  2. Exchange Information

    • Enter the amount you wish to swap. The corresponding value of the target currency is automatically calculated and displayed, including the current market price and the percentage change, giving you full transparency before you make the swap.

  3. Paalscore

    • An innovative feature that might represent a metric or rating system like liquidity or trust score for the token pair selected. This helps users make informed decisions by providing an additional layer of insight into the swap they are about to perform.

  4. Conversion Rate

    • The current conversion rate is clearly listed, showing you exactly how much of the target currency you'll receive for your swap, inclusive of any fees or rates that may apply.

  5. Execution

    • Once you are ready to execute the swap, the prominent 'Swap' button is clicked, initiating the transaction.

Additional Features:

  • Explore Influencers / Coins: This option may lead to a discovery page where users can find recommended tokens or follow traders and influencers for tips and insights.

  • Settings: Accessible via the gear icon, allowing users to customize their swap settings or preferences.

Explore Feature on PaalX

Discover and Follow with the Explore Feature

PaalX's Explore feature is designed to keep users engaged with the latest trends, influencer insights, and top-performing tokens. It is a dedicated space to find curated content and make connections within the crypto community.

Explore Page Functionalities:

  1. ROI and Performance Tracking

    • The 'ROI' tab provides a snapshot of influencer performance, with metrics like 1-day (1D), 7-day (7D), and 30-day (30D) returns. This allows users to quickly assess which influencers are yielding strong returns and could be worth following for trading insights.

  2. Influencer Discovery

    • Users can browse through a list of influencers, each with their follower count displayed, and see their performance percentage gains. This helps in identifying reputable voices in the community.

  3. Top Posts and Market Insights

    • The 'Top Posts' tab showcases prominent social media posts and articles, providing a platform for users to stay informed about the latest news, tips, and discussions in the crypto space.

User Engagement:

  • Favorites: Users can mark influencers or posts as 'Favorites' for easy access to preferred content.

  • Search Functionality: Both influencers and posts can be searched for, allowing users to find specific content or profiles.

  • Engagement Metrics: Users can view the engagement metrics of posts, such as likes and comments, to gauge the community's response to different topics.

Navigation within Explore:

  • The Explore feature is divided into several sectionsโ€”ROI, Favorites, Top Posts, Influencers, and Tokensโ€”each accessible with a simple tap, offering a seamless and personalized browsing experience.

Settings on PaalX

Tailor Your PaalX Experience with Custom Settings

The Settings page in PaalX is where you can personalize your account preferences to fit your individual needs. It offers a variety of options that allow for a more streamlined and customized trading experience.

Settings Page Features:

  1. Wallet Management

    • Your primary wallet address is displayed at the top for easy reference. You have the option to edit or remove your wallet, ensuring control over your PaalX wallet connections.

  2. Network Preferences

    • Select your preferred blockchain network from a dropdown menu to tailor your trading activities to the network of your choice.

  3. Display Customizations

    • Hide Token Below 1 USD: Activate this switch to declutter your portfolio view by hiding smaller holdings.

    • Flip and Reset: This could be a toggle to flip the layout of certain elements on the page or reset some settings to their defaults.

    • Button Back to Top: An option to add a button that quickly takes you back to the top of the page for convenience.

  4. Token Management

    • Navigate to the 'Manage Tokens' setting to add or remove tokens from your portfolio or watchlist, giving you control over the tokens you are tracking.

  5. Sign Out

    • For added security and privacy, the sign-out button is easily accessible for when you want to securely exit your account.

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