To set up a welcome message, simply compose your custom greeting and follow it with the command:
/addwelcome your custom message
  • Enabling/Disabling the Welcome Message: Control the welcome message with ease by using:
    • /welcome on to enable
    • /welcome off to disable
  • Previewing the Welcome Message: After defining your custom message, you can preview it by entering:
    • /prevwelcome
  • Custom Formatting Options: Enhance your messages by utilizing the following syntax:
    • {username} to display the user's first name
    • {chatname} to display the name of the group
    • *bold* for bold text
    • _italic_ for italicized text
    • \\\underline/// for underlined text
    • ~strikethrough~ for strikethrough text
    • |||spoiler||| for spoilers
    • `code` for code formatting
  • Appending a Button: You can add interactive buttons by using:
    • [Button label](link)