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AI Crypto Search Engine


The MyPaal botโ€™s AI Crypto Search Engine on Telegram is a powerful and dynamic feature that offers users a wealth of information about any cryptocurrency project. It's an intuitive tool for anyone looking to dive deep into crypto analytics and project insights.

How to Use the Search Engine

  • Enter the command /crypto [Token Symbol] to get data on a specific cryptocurrency, such as /crypto $PAAL.

Key Features and Outputs

The search engine delivers extensive data including:

  • Comprehensive Project Overview: A brief description of the project, outlining its primary use case, goals, and technology.

  • Real-Time Pricing: The most up-to-date price of the cryptocurrency.

  • Market Metrics: Details on Market Cap, Volume, Price Changes, and Supply figures.

  • Investor Insights: Information on the number of token holders.

  • Blockchain Details: The tokenโ€™s blockchain address for authenticity verification.

  • Direct Links: Access to the project's official site, social channels, and technical documents.

  • Sector Categories: Classification of the crypto project by industry or technology sector.

Additional In-depth Features

Selecting 'See More' gives users access to:

  • Analytical Reports: Deep dives into the cryptocurrency's performance and stats.

  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Insights: Commentary from thought leaders in the crypto space.

  • Market Sentiment: The general mood and outlook based on market data.

  • Visual Charts: Graphical representations of historical and current price movements.

  • Educational Content: Videos from YouTube providing further explanations and insights.

  • Comparison Tools: Capability to compare the selected crypto with peers.

Interactive Purchase Option

  • Buy [Crypto]: An easy-to-use button to start the purchasing process for the selected cryptocurrency.

Versatility and Assistance

This feature supports queries for a wide range of cryptocurrencies and offers user assistance through community interaction and support channels.

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