Crypto Twitter

This feature is designed to keep you updated with the latest trends and insights from influential figures and accounts in the cryptocurrency space on Twitter.
1. Discovering Specific Discussions
  • Command: /cx
  • Purpose: Find out what specific crypto influencers or topics are being discussed by the top crypto Twitter accounts.
  • Example Usage:
    • If you want to know what a popular crypto influencer like YourPop is saying about a specific cryptocurrency like $PAAL, you would type:
      /cx what is YourPop saying about $PAAL
    • This command prompts the bot to fetch and display tweets or discussions from YourPop, particularly those mentioning $PAAL.
2. Getting Top Crypto News from Twitter
  • Command: /xnews
  • Purpose: Receive the latest and most popular posts from the top 500 crypto Twitter accounts.
  • Example Usage:
    • Simply use the command as is to get an overview of the trending topics and news in the crypto Twitter community:
      bashCopy code/xnews
    • This command will provide you with a summary or links to the top news stories or tweets shared by leading crypto Twitter accounts.

How These Commands Enhance Your Experience

  • Targeted Insights: By specifying influencers or topics, you can get tailor-made updates that align with your interests or investment strategies in the crypto space.
  • Efficient Information Gathering: The /xnews command is an excellent way to quickly catch up on the most relevant and talked-about news in the crypto community without needing to sift through individual Twitter accounts.
These features make the Crypto Twitter component of your Telegram Bot a highly efficient tool for staying informed about the latest trends, discussions, and news in the cryptocurrency world.
Last modified 2mo ago