Moderation Tools

🎙️ Voice of the Chat:
  • Silence the noisy: /mute.
  • Give voice back: /unmute.
🚫 Guardians at the Gate:
  • Ward off the mischief-makers with a username: /ban @username.
  • Embrace forgiveness and redemption: /unban @username.
Note: Admins are the pillars of your chat, and thus, they stand immune to bans.
🎖️ Lead & Serve:
  • Uplift the worthy: /promote.
  • Adjust the ranks: /demote.
⚠️ Caring yet Firm:
  • Send out a gentle warning: /warn.
  • Peek into a user's warning tally: /warns.
  • Offer grace and forgiveness: /removewarn.
  • Be the judge with warning thresholds: /warnlimit.
  • Decide the fate of repeat offenders: /warnmode.