Web Search

Web Command for Research and Project-specific Queries
Use the /web command to either access custom pre-trained information specific to a project or to conduct in-depth research with the Internet as your data source.
The results are comprehensive, with response times varying depending on the request's complexity.
Usage: /web $paal [your question or topic]
  • For project-specific questions, like understanding tokenomics: /web $paal tokenomics?
  • To find recent YouTube videos about the PAAL AI Token: /web recent YouTube videos about PAAL AI Token
  • Curious about what Raoul Pal commented on AI crypto coins? /web what did raoul pal say about AI crypto coins recently
  • To find out the best altcoins to invest in this week and the reasons: /web best alt coins to buy this week and why
  • Need the phone number of Tony’s pizza in Soho? /web Tony’s pizza soho phone number

With the /web command, you can seamlessly navigate between project-specific details and broader Internet research to obtain the information you need. Remember to use the right syntax to ensure accurate results.
Last modified 2mo ago