๐ŸฅฉCustom Stake Alert Bot


The Custom Stake Alert Bot is an innovative notification tool tailored for cryptocurrency stakeholders. It's designed to deliver alerts for staking transactions and updates, providing users with vital information to manage and oversee their staking portfolios effectively.


  • Real-Time Notifications: Instantaneous alerts about staking transactions, ensuring users are always informed of the latest activities.

  • Notification System: An elaborate alert mechanism that reports the transaction details, including the amount and associated information.

  • GIF Library: Engage with a curated selection of AI-generated GIFs that complement the notification message and the context of the transaction.

  • AI-Generated Messages: Customized messages that welcome new holders and provide insights into the size of the transactions.

  • Emoji Integration: A comprehensive set of emojis to visually represent various data points like dollar amounts, asset types, staker details, new holders, price indicators, market cap, and overall market cap.

  • Custom Alert Criteria: Users can define the conditions that trigger alerts, such as minimum staking amounts or particular events within the staking process.

  • Comprehensive Tracking: Capability to monitor various staking contracts or pools with ease.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple configuration process for setting up and customizing alert preferences.


  • Staking Event Monitoring: Customize which staking events you receive notifications for, including new stakes, reward accruals, and unstaking events.

  • Threshold Settings: Set specific thresholds for staking amounts or rewards to personalize your alert system.

  • Multi-Wallet and Contract Tracking: Ability to monitor and receive alerts for multiple wallets and staking contracts.


The Custom Stake Alert Bot is available for a straightforward pricing of 1E. This cost-effective solution is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from individual investors to project administrators.

Support and Contact

For setup assistance or inquiries about the Custom Stake Alert Bot, reach out to our support team:

We're committed to offering responsive and helpful support to ensure your staking alerts are set up to your satisfaction.


Stay on top of your staking activities with the Custom Stake Alert Bot. With its real-time alerts, personalized messages, and engaging notification system, you're always in the loop. Get started today and take control of your staking notifications with a service that simplifies and enriches your cryptocurrency experience.

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