Custom Twitter Bot


The Custom Twitter Bot for MyPaal bridges the gap between artificial intelligence and social media, providing an enhanced Twitter interaction experience. When users mention or tag the bot, it responds in real-time with answers generated from its trained dataset and unique personality, thus facilitating dynamic and engaging conversations on the platform.

1. Activation & Reference:

Witness the power of this integration through a live example: Awkward Monkey AI​

2. Setup & Configuration:

Step 1: Begin with a basic Twitter account which will serve as the face of your AI bot on Twitter.
Step 2: Head over to the Twitter Developer's Console to create an app. After this step, you'll receive the following credentials:
  • Consumer Keys
    • API Key: [_____________]
      • Hint: [Click to Reveal API Key hint]
    • API Secret: [_____________]
      • Hint: [Click to Reveal API Secret hint]
  • Authentication Tokens
    • Bearer Token
      • [Regenerate Option]
    • Access Token and Secret for @[YourTwitterHandle]
      • Permissions: Read and Write
      • [Regenerate Option]
  • OAuth 2.0
    • Client ID: [_____________]
      • [Reveal Client Secret hint]
    • Client Secret: [_____________]
      • [Reveal Client Secret hint]
Step 3: Safely provide us with the above credentials along with the login details of your basic Twitter account to complete the setup.

3. Cost:

The Custom Twitter Bot comes at a charge of 1E. Ensure a sufficient balance to avail uninterrupted services.

4. Safety & Security:

While your data and credentials are stored securely, we advocate:
  • Adopting unique passwords for enhanced safety.
  • Periodic rotation of your keys and tokens.
  • Refraining from sharing credentials outside the secure channels.

5. Troubleshooting & Support:

  • Double-check the permissions granted for each token and key.
  • For any challenges or support necessities, our dedicated customer service is ready to assist.

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