PaalX merges DEXs, research platforms, social media and more into one AI-powered toolbox for effortless trading.
Informed and swift decision-making via AI tools that filter and analyze extensive data, optimizing trading efficiency and research effectiveness in a few clicks.
Trading: Regular Swap Features: Buy, sell and send tokens, track your portfolio, analyze profit and loss, find token metrics, and trade trending tokens. Manage multiple wallets for diversified trading across different chains with stop loss and limit orders to automate your trading strategy. Research & Analysis:
Actionable Crypto Research: Make informed trading decisions based on comprehensive crypto research within PaalX.
𝕏 News and Swap: Stay updated with exclusive updates from influencers you subscribe to, and make informed trade decisions. Leverage AI-powered analysis of your historical trading data to maximize profit strategy. Understand market sentiment about specific tokens to make better trading decisions. Security & Management:
Top-notch security with Web3 authentication.@Web3Auth
AI-Powered Smart Contract Audits to ensure the safety of your investments within PaalX
Utilize Natural Language Processing and configurable watch agents. Interact with the platform in a human-like manner and have an AI assistant guide you through the process. Stay updated with market trends as you receive notifications based on specific criteria. Community & Partnerships:
Featured/Explore page to discover trending tokens from various sources and trade them all in PaalX.
Paal Partner Program (PPP): Any user can sign up for our partner program and earn commissions on every referral or trade recommendation.