Revenue Sharing

PAAL AI's Revenue-Sharing Model Integrated with Paal's Revenue Generation

1. Sources of Revenue for Paal:
  • Whitelisted AI Solution: Paal offers a proprietary AI solution used by companies across industries, forming a primary revenue stream.
  • Advertising & Cross-Promotion: Partnerships with other companies bring in additional profits.
  • Taxes from Trading (1%): A unique aspect that directly impacts stakers.
  • Future Revenue Streams: Subscription services and commissions from products offer potential growth in income.
2. Allocation of Revenue:
  • Paal Ecosystem Fund: The revenues are transferred to a dedicated account named 'paalecosystemfund.eth' for purposeful utilization and ecosystem growth.
  • Distribution to Stakers: An impressive 50% of certain earnings are allocated to stakers, promoting participation and stability.
3. Integration with PAAL AI Revenue Sharing Plan:
  • Staking Pools: With various staking pools offering different APYs, stakers can choose a pool that fits their preference and investment strategy. The earnings from Paal's revenue streams contribute to the rewards within these pools.
  • Referral System & Auto-Compound Feature: Enhancing community growth through referrals and compound interest adds layers of benefits and connects directly with the generated revenue, thereby attracting more participants.
  • Reward Claiming Mechanism: This allows for a transparent and direct claiming process, encouraging users to engage actively with the platform.
  • Trading Volume Rewards: The 1% share of all $PAAL trading volume creates an additional pathway for rewards, directly linking with Paal's unique tax on trading.

Claiming Rewards at

The integration of PAAL AI's revenue-sharing model with Paal's revenue-generating methods forms a cohesive and dynamic structure. Token holders can claim their corresponding ETH rewards through the platform at