๐Ÿ“ŠDune Endpoint


The Dune Custom Endpoint for MyPaal Custom Bot is a specialized add-on designed to fetch, interpret, and relay data from a Dune Dashboard. With this capability, your bot will exhibit enhanced data-driven intelligence, fetching real-time as well as historical data.

1. Activation:

Command: /dune Once activated with the /dune command, the bot will instantly communicate with the Dune Dashboard, ready to retrieve the required data.

2. Setting Multiple Query IDs:

To tailor the data extraction process:

  1. Navigate to your Dune Dashboard.

  2. Identify the specific datasets or reports you wish to integrate.

  3. Obtain the Query IDs for each dataset.

  4. Input the IDs into the MyPaal Custom Bot configuration.

    Command: /dune set-query <Query ID>

Example: /dune set-query 12345

3. Data Retrieval and Storage:

  • Daily Data Updates: Once connected, the bot will automatically fetch and store data daily from the Dune Dashboard.

  • Immediate Access: The data retrieved will be available for the bot to access, interpret, and communicate instantly.

4. Data Presentation:

Data fetched can be presented in various formats such as:

  • Natural language summaries.

  • Charts or visual presentations (if supported).

  • Raw data for in-depth analysis.

5. Cost:

Using the Dune Custom Endpoint comes with a charge of 1E. Please ensure adequate balance for uninterrupted service.

6. Reference Bot:

For a live example of how the Dune Endpoint functions, you can refer to @ThinQAIBot on Telegram at https://t.me/LINQ_GROUP.

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