Custom Sniper Bot


Elevate your trading game with the Custom Auto-Sniping Bot, tailored to provide a sophisticated trading experience. This robust service equips traders with automated strategies for the cryptocurrency market, aiming to optimize trade timing and execution.

Key Features

  • Dual Trading Strategies: Utilize two primary strategies for a competitive edge:
    • LP Burns: Strategically engage with liquidity pool burns to optimize trade entries and exits.
    • Copy Trading: Replicate the moves of seasoned traders for informed trading decisions.
  • Multiple Wallet Management: Operate multiple wallets simultaneously, allowing for diversified trading approaches and risk distribution.
  • Customizable Transaction Settings: Adjust gas fees and slippage tolerances to suit individual trading styles and market conditions.
  • Secure Multi-User Deployment: Implement the bot across various accounts with a strong emphasis on security protocols to safeguard assets.

Additional Strategies

Expand your trading strategies with additional modules, available for an extra 1.5E per strategy. Tailor your bot to align with evolving market dynamics and personal trading philosophies.


Acquire the core Custom Auto-Sniping Bot service for 3 ETH. Opt for further strategic enhancements to broaden your trading capabilities.

Support and Contact

Reach out to our support team for guidance or any questions regarding the Custom Sniper Bot:
Our experts are ready to assist you with personalized support, ensuring you can deploy and utilize your Custom Auto-Sniping Bot effectively.


Step into a new realm of trading with a bot designed for precision, speed, and security. With the Custom Auto-Sniping Bot, take control of your trading strategy and stay ahead in the fast-evolving cryptocurrency market. Contact us to start your journey towards automated trading excellence.